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Astro Logos Fixed Star Lecture Series.


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Add the stars to your astrology. Over 26 hours of lectures, handouts and a 65 page eBook - Star and Planet keywords by Bernadette Brady, one of the world's leading authorities on fixed stars and astrology. These lectures by Bernadette incllude star phases and their meaning in the natal chart. Understanding parans. Star myths and meaning of the different stars within the zodiac signs. The branching out to the whole sky and working with stars that bring fame, mysticism, sacrifice, difficulties, joy, dignity, reliability, adventure and learning. The final lectures are devoted to fixed stars in mundane astrology. All the material is woven into how to working with the stars in a natal charts. Plus as a bonus the Complete Astrolabe Kit to enable you to make your own astrolabe in order to help you understand the sky. All packaged on one DVD disk that plays on your computer. All lectures are MP3 files and handouts are PDFs all of which can be moved, if you desire, to your MP3 player or moved into iTunes to listen to on your iPad or iPod.